25.10.2015 - 12:00

CryServ Client "Wall Jump" function

The CryServ client has many additional features, one of which is the wall-jump function. How this works and what you have to observe, I wanted to briefly explain.

First please check in the Server List, if the server has enabled this feature. Please note, that these server-side settings can be different every round!

For practice, the Instant Action Map Steel Mill is very good. How exactly this wall-jump now works, has Mr. Devil very well explained in the following video:

I hope you found this post helpful :).

21.10.2015 - 11:30

CryServ Server Update, Build 1006

  • Double emails by the Notification System fixed
  • Added a option to disable the C ++ anticheat functions
  • Small internal structural changes

17.09.2015 - 19:40

CryServ Client Update, Build 1008

  • Fixed a bug that occurred in conjunction with password protected servers

Forced Update!

16.09.2015 - 13:30

CryServ Client Update, Build 1007

  • Server list reworked
  • Now a server can be selected, using the up and down arrows and the connection process can be started with return or enter
  • The Server-Info message can now also be displayed in the Spectator-HUD
  • Added CryServ Information System for the Spectator-HUD
  • Client Interface reworked
  • Small internal structural changes

Forced Update!

CryServ FAQ overworked

  • Limitations for CryServ-Servers have been updated


  • It is possible to restore the old server list via OpenSpy.net, but CryServ would therefore no longer be independent and will dependent on the function of the other provider. Since no other benefits would result from this change, I will keep the current system for now
  • The short hang of the game at the start, can be resolved by other CryNetwork.dll's, write to me if you are interested