13.11.2015 - 14:20

CryServ Server Update, Build 1008

  • Support for "!" at chat commands removed
  • Attachment-Scanner overworked
  • Group-Equipment overworked
  • Event-System overworked
  • Chat command "/place" overworked
  • Fallback added if there is no "/commands" chat command
  • CryServ Admin-Notification system added eg for new updates
  • AFK message overworked
  • All files in the folder "iTEC5/Extensions/" can be deactivated with a character in front of the filename
  • Teleport delay of 5 seconds to all chat commands added where change the player position
  • Vote System overworked, among other things, the game mode can now be specified in a vote
  • Server command "/commands" added, to list all console commands
  • Chat command "/commands" marked now CryServ-Client control commands
  • The basic configuration of the SSM's now corresponds to the original Crytek Crysis Wars version 1.5


    All not absolutely necessary files in the folder "iTEC5/Extensions/" were deactivated with an underscore in the file name!

  • Small internal structural changes

07.11.2015 - 18:20

CryServ Server Update, Build 1007

  • InstantAction and PowerStruggle maps that have the same name, can now be downloaded


    The folder structure for map downloads has been changed and needs to be adjusted (See description Config.lua)!

  • File validation system added
  • Small internal structural changes

Forced Update!

CryServ Server-Rank System overworked

  • IP and port changes are automatically updated for existing servers (the ranking is therefore not longer lost)

CryServ FAQ overworked

  • Explanation when using Windows 10 added
  • Contact information updated

07.11.2015 - 11:00


As you can tell from the call for donations, CryServ required monthly USD29.95, to remain online. Those are currently covered until February 2016, through donations.

A big THANK YOU for a donation to

  • WiZiD_XI
  • Frank Bergner

Further financial support for obtaining these multiplayer solution for Crysis Wars, I would be very happy.

02.11.2015 - 19:30

CryServ Server Files re-uploaded

Please download the SSM again and replace the dll (Build 1015) against the new Dll (Build 1016)!

  • Faulty player-ban fixed ( Banned for: (Admin Decison) )