05.01.2016 - 12:00

CryServ Client Update, Build 1012

  • Added verification of player names
  • Client Interface reworked
  • Small internal structural changes

Forced Update!

31.12.2015 - 12:00


As you can tell from the call for donations, CryServ required monthly USD29.95, to remain online. Those are currently covered until end of August 2016, through donations.

A big THANK YOU for a donation to

  • WiZiD_XI
  • Stephan Imhof
  • Patrik Biro
  • Krull

Further financial support for obtaining these multiplayer solution for Crysis Wars, I would be very happy.

13.12.2015 - 13:00

CryServ Server Update, Build 1012

  • Chat command "/add" fixed
  • Added Server-Event "SPARC"
  • Chat response in chat command "/punish" and "/mute" fixed
  • Messages and handling in the penalty-box overworked
  • Picking up from items in the penalty-box completely prevented
  • IP tracking system revised
  • Server crash fixed when a player has used the local network list to join ( If server was started from the same PC as the player game )
  • Compile error in the 32 bit dll fixed

08.12.2015 - 21:00

CryServ Server Update, Build 1011

  • MP5 now fully integrated ( PowerStruggle, Ammunition )
  • Boxes of ammunition for each weapon type can be added with the admin chat command /add
  • Admin chat command /add changed spawn behavior
  • Added customized version of the SPARC Rifle ( source cryengine.com ). Available in the PowerStruggle, Prototype-Factory

Forced Update!

CryServ Client Update, Build 1010

  • MP5 now fully integrated ( HUD, PowerStruggle, Ammunition )
  • Particle error when changing from 3rd in the 1st person with a GaussRifle fixed
  • Customized version of the SPARC Rifle added ( source cryengine.com )

Forced Update!