30.01.2016 - 20:00

CryServ Server Update, Build 1016

In the case that you already use Build 1015, please Download the SSM again and replace the following files with the overworked versions of it. A lot of changes have been made in Build 1015, these are bug fixes, optimizations of these.

  • iTEC5/System/Core.Loader.lua
  • iTEC5/System/Core.Connect.lua
  • iTEC5/System/Core.Notifications.lua
  • iTEC5/Extensions/Commands/Guest/Chat.cryserv.lua
  • iTEC5/Extensions/Commands/Guest/Chat.report.lua
  • Mods/iTEC5/Bin64/iTEC5.dll
  • Mods/iTEC5/Bin32/iTEC5.dll

29.01.2016 - 21:00

CryServ Server Update, Build 1015

  • Added support for the Global Ban System
  • Admin chat command "/bansystem" expanded, to display the global ban entries (only official servers)
  • Chat command "/cryserv" added to view of the current cryserv player list (only official servers)
  • Server files are no longer available for public download, only on demand
  • Disconnects are now logged without exception
  • Small internal structural changes
  • Server Interface reworked

Forced Update!

CryServ Client Update, Build 1013

  • Added feature to monitor direct connections (Penalty for Master-Server Bypass: permanently system ban)
  • Added possibility to monitor the program code
  • Small internal structural changes
  • Client Interface reworked

Forced Update!

Masterserver Update

  • Added Global Ban System (Banned players get only the servers that have this feature disabled)
  • Added User-ID monitoring (penalty for multiple User-IDs: global ban)
  • Added Origin monitoring (penalty for proxy use: global ban)
  • Existing player's names can not be used
  • Added permanently ban function
  • Small structural changes

13.01.2016 - 18:30

CryServ Server Update, Build 1014

  • System for authentication of admins and moderators stores the passwords now as MD5
  • default password for admin and moderator authentication from "mypasspord" in "password" changed
  • New maps can now be added without a server restart ( with the chat command "/reload" or the server command "rx reload" )
  • Small internal structural changes

08.01.2015 - 11:00

CryServ Server Files re-uploaded

In the case that you already use Build 1012, please Download the SSM again and replace the following file with the overworked version of it

  • iTEC5/Extensions/Commands/Guest/Chat.afk.lua

CryServ FAQ overworked

  • Added keyword search function
  • Divided entries to CryServ-Client and CryServ-Server
  • Added feature list for CryServ
  • Added feature list incl. a brief explanation for the CryServ-Client