Can I play over WIFI

Same here as in a server. It is not advisable!

When will a player be added to the "Player-Stats"

Players are automatically added to this list once they have actively participated in a round. The values ​​are then updated at the end of each round.

When will a player be removed from the "Player-Stats"

A player will be removed after an inactivity of more than 120 days.

Is there anything to consider when running the game in Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

Should you encounter any problems, try running the game in Compatibility-Mode using "Vista SP2" and "DirectX 10" only. Note: The game (Crysis Wars folder) requires write permissions!

Can I transfer my "Player-Identity" to another computer

That your rights on a server or the player-statistics don't get lost or to play it on a second computer with the same account, you have to transfer unchanged to the other device, the file "../Documents/My Games/Crysis Wars/client.cfg".

Can I get banned from the "CryServ-Network"

Breaking any of the following rules will result in a permanent removal (ban) from the CryServ Network: