Why do I have to use the "CryServ-Client"

The main reason is that due to GameSpy´s shutdown, it is a) impossible to connect to servers outside of your local network and b) even if a connection could be established, the Profile-ID System provided by GameSpy is also no longer available, rendering all SSM´s useless. Using the CryServ-Client fixes these issues.

Can I join a Cryserv-Server without your "CryServ-Client"

You will not be able to join any game server which is part of the CryServ-Network, because the original game´s multiplayer has ceased functionality.

Are there any risks when using the "CryServ-Client"

The CryServ-Client evolved from the rX Client modification which was first released in 2011. Since its first release, it has extended the users gaming experience by adding many new features, without breaking the games balance or giving the users an unfair advantage over others. It is not spy-/mal-/adware or of any trojan or malificient nature, which includes gathering data about you or your system!

What additional features and enhancements are in this "CryServ Client"

Crysis Wars was in no version a really errorless game. Some of these errors still accompany our games everyday, another part more or less disturbing, however, could be fixed.

In addition, over the years many practical features has been added to the "CryServ Client".

How do I know that I installed the "CryServ-Client" correctly

To check whether the CryServ Client was installed correctly, check your main menu ingame. If a CryServ banner is displayed in the lower right-hand corner, then all went well and you are good to go.

What do I need to take into account when using the "Steam Version" of Crysis Wars

The following files are different: GameData.pak, ZPatch1.pak. To prevent being kicked off servers, you have to replace these with the files from the CD or Trial version!