What is "CryServ"

CryServ is a replacement for the GameSpy service that Crysis Wars used to utilize for its multiplayer feature, with the main purpose of providing a new, easy-to-use server browser.

What will be different after the transition

The only thing that changes is the way you connect to and how you authenticate yourself on the game servers. Otherwise everything stays the same. At the moment no registration or login is required.

Is "CryServ" free of charge

The offered files and the use of the network is free. Nevertheless, the preservation and the operation of "CryServ" is connected with monthly costs, which currently amounts to € 29.95 per month. If you wish to support this project, you can do this via a PayPal donation.

What functionality provides "CryServ"

How can I use this service

You will need to install Crysis Wars ( TRIAL or CD version ), Patch 5 and then the CryServ-Client.

What is this "CryServ-Client"

The CryServ-Client is a free tool for Crysis Wars, providing many improvements, bugfixes and enhancing your multiplayer experience.